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4500 Large character Printer

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39,000 coded boxes with just 1 liter of ink!

Bring unmatched value to your production line with the new 4500 valvejet coder.

Run it with the tip of your finger

  • Highly responsive color touch screen makes daily operations immediate and simple.
  • Clean plug and play consumable changeover in less than 30 seconds, with no daily maintenance required.
  • Extended connectivity for enhanced ease of use.

Simple installation and integration

  • Buy it, unwrap it and install it with ease even in the dustiest and most humid environments (IP54).
  • Compactness and head positioning options make it ideal for hard to access production lines, variety of package sizes and environments.
  • No need for special training or plant air to install. Start printing 30 minutes after you open the box.
  • Smart consumable system. No set-up required.
  • Can be easily stored for weeks and restarted immediately (up to 3 months and without flushing).

Unmatched value

  • Identify your boxes with codes up to 56 mm high.
  • Multiple characters and logos in several languages.
  • Prevent product recalls and waste through consistent quality print.
  • Production uptime through its enhanced drop control system: More than 39,000 cartons* with one 1L ink bottle.
  • Choice of colored inks.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 cm


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