9330 CIJ Coder


Designed for light to medium duty production lines, 9330 is a versatile cost-efficient inkjet that prints for more than 8,000 hours* non-stop.


Designed to grow with your company, 9330 inkjet supports you from your very first line and adapts as production scales up and product packaging changes at a competitive price.

Your challenges

Finding a reliable and quality code marking solution that is cost-effective and can evolve with your capacity needs while being easy to install, use and maintain on your own.

Our solutions

The continuous 9330 inkjet will cover all of your basic needs through the years. It is easy to use and to maintain and thanks to its modular Intelli’Swap design, changing the M6’ ink circuit only requires six minutes and can be done on your own. Its intelli’Inks portfolio covers a broad range of packaging types which allows you to keep the same printer throughout the years regardless of product evolution. Its automatic cleaning system coupled with its Intelli’Jet technology provides clean, hassle free start-ups and quality codes, every time.

Key benefits

Designed for low to medium duty applications, the 9330’s unique flexibility can easily handle   evolving printing needs and ensure quality coding for more than 8,000 hours of production*.
*Recommended preventive maintenance procedure: 8,000 hours