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Flexible Manufacturing

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Respond quickly to market changes with flexible technologies that support a modular approach to manufacturing

Manufacturers across industries are finding it necessary to compete not just on throughput and cost-effectiveness, but also on flexibility. The overarching goal of this increasingly important strategy is to respond effectively to consumer needs while managing multiple product types.

To be flexible, a manufacturing system must automatically identify different production units to perform the correct operation, efficiently send changeover instructions to computer-controlled machines, and quickly change the arrangements of fixtures, tools and other working units.

From CNC machines to comprehensive solutions

The origins of flexible manufacturing are in the computer numerical control (CNC) business, where companies found a way to build several different products on a single machine. Today’s flexible systems are organized on a scale that encompasses the entire plant.

Manufacturers can take advantage of modular, adaptable solutions to quickly switch between product types and minimize downtime. With robotics, vision and other key technologies, a flexible manufacturing system makes it easier to stay competitive in today’s cutthroat market.

This solution will help you:

  • Boost your capacity to produce a diverse range of products
  • Minimize costs and downtime associated with product changeover
  • Efficiently accommodate variations in packaging design
  • Manage innovation while continuing to support legacy needs
  • Stay competitive in a rapidly changing market

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