Designed for quick and easy installation, 9018 is the preferred choice for up to 6,000 hours* of non-stop coding, at a competitive price.


Material type

Tube Laminates| Tetrapak Bricks | Stick Packs | Seal Wrappers | Seal Bags | Power Cables | Pouches | Polystyrene Foam | Plastic Films | Pipes | Metalized Labels | Metal Industrial Parts |
Machined Metal Parts | Latex Products | Jars | Hoses | High Barrier Films | Formed Metals Parts | Electrical Devices | Electric Wires | Dispatch Boxes |
Decorative Labels | Customized Packages | Corrugate | Containers | Cardboard Boxes | Caps | Cans | Cables | Bulbs | Bottles | Aluminium Foil Lids


Electrical | Oil and Gas | Soft Drinks | Snack Food | Pharmaceuticals | Pet Food | Personal Care | Industrial Components | Food | Extrusion | Electronics | Dairy | Cosmetics | Automotive | Aerospace | Techno


Continuous Inkjet



Your challenges

You are looking for a marking technology that prints quality batch codes and best before dates on surfaces as varied as flexible packaging, polymers and paper-based containers. You need a cost-effective inkjet printer that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Our solutions

The continuous inkjet 9018 is a compact printer that provides industrial scale printing and coding. It is an easy-to-use technology that is best suited to single shift operations. The 9018 printer uses a line of high quality inks capable of adhering to even the most difficult substrates. The innovative cartridge system, Intelli’Ink®, makes set-up clean and automatic, maximizing your production uptime.

Key benefits

9018 has a simple interface that supports the easy creation and upload of codes. The printer’s all-in-one M6’ ink module guarantees high quality, non-stop production marking for up to 6000 hours, and can be changed in less than six minutes without specialist assistance thanks to our Intelli’Swap®  design. This inkjet printer can be installed anywhere with its compact IP54-certified design, and is ideal for seasonal use.