9750 Plus


Our Markem Imaje 9750+ continuous inkjet printer, with its revolutionary, polyvalent ink circuit does both standard marking or pigmented contrast printing, providing you the highest level of flexibility and inventory streamlining across your installed base. Its robustness, meticulously qualified by the most modern industrial methods, brings to market the true value of innovation through enhanced ease of use, along with features that support your sustainability and Industry 4.0 objectives.



Your challenges

You do both dye and pigmented contrast continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) within and across your factories.

While standard dye inks suit many of your applications, you need pigment inks to achieve a particularly long-lasting and crisp code, and/or where achieving the desired contrast is difficult due to packaging color e.g., brown bottles.

To code with both these CIJ inks, you’ve had to use two types of machines, with double the associated training and spare parts.

Any industrial continuous inkjet printer you use must provide reliable efficiency, a high level of sustainability and an optimized total cost of ownership (TCO). It also needs to deliver powerful traceability coding on a large array of packaging, supply chain visibility and easy day-to-day operations in an increasingly digitalized world.

Our solutions

ur revolutionary Markem Imaje 9750+ continuous inkjet printer takes dye or pigmented inks. So, for the first time ever, you can now use one CIJ coder everywhere across your fleet to cover all your needs, regardless of ink or packaging used.

Meticulously engineered and qualified by the most modern methods, the Markem Imaje 9750+ brings technology enhancements that maximize uptime, reduce maintenance and simplify daily operations in a connected environment. The Markem Imaje 9750+ delivers clear, customizable, traceable, black or colored, including GS1 standard compliant 2D (QR codes and DotCodes), on all packaging in ways that meet your customer’s growing demands for supply chain visibility.

Even better, our Intelli’Design® process and MEK-free CIJ inks help cut consumable consumption and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by up to 50%, as standard, and up to 60% in consumable-saving mode (CSM), improving safety and TCO.

Our CSM mode even cuts VOCs and waste for MEK-based CIJ inks by up to 35%. In fact, the Markem Imaje 9750+ is one the market’s first CIJ printers to do so, and we’re still one of very few suppliers offering this reduction.


Key benefits

The Markem Imaje 9750+’s revolutionary hybrid ink circuit − with its unique capacity to manage all CIJ inks − gives you more flexibility as well as easier inventory and installed base management.

It also gives you the market’s most environmentally-friendly coding solution and one of the industry’s highest uptime.

In addition to market-leading service intervals, and unrivalled VOC reductions, its cost-effective Intelli’Swap® technology, which streamlines mechanicals to swappable modules, means you synchronize parts replacement and swap only individual items, and not the entire block.

With the market’s only 24-pin interface customizable to accept any of the 70+ signals available to run lines, you also have the flexibility to integrate the coder to best suit your needs. Not to mention access to MiVista™ connected printer services which allow for predictive analysis to help maximize OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and uptime even further.

Its Intelli’Ink® system ensures optimal error-proof performance when coding different materials. Jet Speed Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables to ensure perfect drop placement, quality and code consistence. Every time.