Micro-Meter A2K

Micro-Meter A2K, a servo-driven two-component metering system, is powered by positive rod displacement technology for dispensing small volumes of material with precision ratio and volumetric output control.

The Micro-Meter A2K’s linear servo actuator provides high torque and speed for incredible control over the dispensed volume and material flow rate. The servo allows for variable flow during a shot, providing advanced application flexibility. With two precisely cut rods that are moved by a singular servo motor, the A2K ensures consistent volumetric ratio throughout the entire sealant and adhesive dispensing process.


Application Capabilities

  • Potting
  • Encapsulating
  • Gasketing
  • Bonding


Micro-Meter A2K - Gasketing


Technical Data

Metering principle: Positive rod displacement
Ratio range: 10:1
Ratio design:
Viscosity range: Liquids and pastes (1 – 350,000 cps)
Volumetric output: 0.25 – 25.00 cc
Working pressure: Up to 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Flow rate: 10 cc / sec
Flow rate type: Adjustable and variable
Volume repeatability: 1.0%
Drive: Linear servo
Dispense type: Shot and bead capable