Designed for medium to heavy duty production lines, 9750 simplifies ease of use, contributes to sustainability and enhances convenience through digitization.


Your challenges

You are looking for the true value of innovation through a proven coding technology that can evolve to meet your customer’s changing demands -while still providing reliable efficiency, a high level of sustainability and an optimized total cost of ownership (TCO). The solution must be qualified by the most modern methods on the market today as to deliver powerful traceability coding on a large array of packaging, supply chain visibility and easy day-to-day operations.

Our solutions

Our 9750 Intelli’Design® principle incorporates the best of past, present and future proof improvements so you can adapt easily to changing market needs.

Meticulously engineered and qualified by the most modern methods, the 9750 brings technology enhancements that maximize uptime, reduce maintenance and simplify daily operations. 9750 delivers clear, customizable and traceable codes, including 2D, QR codes and DotCodes, that meet your customer’s growing demands for supply chain visibility. Reduced consumable consumption, up to 50%, together with a wide array of inks, sets the stage for an enhanced environmentally-friendly coding solution,and VOC (Volatil Organic compound) emission reduction. An extensive MEK-free ink offering is available for all packaging types, shapes and sizes and even for high speed applications.

Key benefits

Our innovative 9750 technological attributes bring unrivalled benefits including ease of use, sustainability and digitalized convenience. In addition to the modularity and cost-effectiveness of its Intelli’Swap® technology, which streamlines mechanicals to swappable modules, you also no longer need to change all blocks, thus reducing waste and facilitating maintenance or repair. Its Intelli’Ink® system ensures optimal error-proof coder performance and flexibility when coding different package materials. Jet Speed Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables to ensure drop placement, quality and code consistence… every time. Its digital attributes, including remote diagnostics, allow for a predictive analysis and therefore help maximize uptime, achieve OEE objectives. Integration in a 4.0 connected environment becomes simple thanks to its quick customizable 24-pin interface. Convenience is now only a couple clicks away.

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