Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Detect errors in motors and other equipment through current changes. Use in either overcurrent or undercurrent mode.

achieve Downsizing Control Panels and Reducing Wiring

New Value For Control Panels

Control Panels: The Heart of Manufacturing Sites.
Evolution in control panels results in large evolution in production facilities.
And if control panel design, control panel manufacturing processes, and human interaction with them are innovated, control panel manufacturing becomes simpler and takes a leap forward.
OMRON will continue to achieve a control panel evolution and process innovation through many undertakings starting with the shared Value Design for Panel *1 concept for the specifications of products used in control panels.




*1 Value Design for Panel

K8DT-AS Features 4

Our shared Value Design for Panel (herein after referred to as “Value Design”) concept for the specifications of products used in control panels will create new value to our customer’s control panels.
Combining multiple products that share the Value Design concept will further increase the value provided to control panels.

Protect Your Important Equipment from the Chance of Troubles

Do You Face These Problems?

K8DT-AS Features 6

1. Alarms do not occur before equipment is damaged.
2. Protection is necessary because of poor power supply quality
3. Preventing excessive temperature increases in heaters is
4. Control panels for electrode-based water level control must
be downsized.
5. Measuring and Monitoring Relays that conform to international
safety standards are necessary.